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Looking at Crime and Victimization Head-on

A woman talks to a police officer.For 30 years, the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has gathered crime victims, victim service providers and advocates, law enforcement, court and corrections personnel, and other professionals who deal with crime and victim issues together for their annual Conference on Crime and Victimization.

The goal is to give participants the ability to provide higher-quality services to crime victims and the knowledge of other resources available to them.

Read our latest blog to find out what they’ll be learning at this year’s conference.

For Emergencies, Hope Isn’t a Plan

Smoke from the Husky Oil Refinery explosion rises behind nearby homes.Hope is good, but it’s not a plan. The people of Superior didn’t know when they left for school and work the morning of April 26 that they would have to evacuate their homes before the end of the day because of the refinery fire.

But it’s safe to say that those who had emergency kits packed, a family emergency communications plan in place, and who knew where to take temporary shelter had an easier time of it.

Learn how to plan now so you and your family have a better chance of surviving and recovering from a disaster.

​Sound the Alarm Can Save Your Life

State Fire Marshal Bruce West talks with homeowner Caroline about smoke alarm locations and possible escape routes What a difference an hour makes.

Caroline has lived in her house in St. Paul’s east side for over 30 years. But Caroline admits that never once, in all that time, did it occur to her to install smoke alarms. Not until the Red Cross hung a flyer on her door about their Sound the Alarm program, anyway.

But 60 minutes after the volunteers crossed her threshold, Caroline had five strategically placed smoke alarms, a fire escape plan, and much more knowledge than she had before about fire prevention.

Find out how you can do the same in our blog.

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Video Description: The latest REAL ID updates. How you can help investigators solve arson in Minnesota. Citations from the extra distracted driving enforcement campaign.